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Who Am I?

Who Am I?

  • Author: Moneeza Hashmi
  • ISBN: 969352697X
  • Publisher: Sang-e-Meel Publications
  • Publication Date: January 27, 2014
  • Format: Hardback – 224 pages
  • Language: English


Tum jo chaho tau suno (Whatever you can, should listen) was the title of an interview series which ran on Pakistan Television from 1997 to 2002. The title was derived from the following verse by Faiz Ahmed Faiz.

The concept behind this exceptional one on one dialogues with prominent Pakistani women (and men) was two fold. Firstly to give them an opportunity to share their lives candidly with the viewer. Also the viewers were able to walk into the lives of celebrities they had only seen or heard or read about in magazines and newspapers. It was a unique meeting between the two. Although the atmosphere in the studio was fairly formal, the manner in which these interviews were conducted was most cordial and relaxed. Inspired by a similar series titled Face to Face shown on PBS in the sixties Moneeza Hashmi created these interviews on screen and set a new and innovative trend of anchor-guest relationship on the mini screen. Another interesting feature of this program was that the interviewer was never seen on camera. All questions were overlapped on the facial expression of the guest in the studio. I wanted all eyes to be on the guest. I wanted the audience focusing on what the guest was saying or feeling. I wanted them to empathise with the guest. I wanted to elevate the guest to a position of importance and respect says Moneeza Hashmi who was not just the creative mind behind this series but also the anchor. Once a question was posed there would be absolutely no interruption from the host. The guest would speak her (or his) piece until it was time to move on to the next question. I would get awfully irritated while watching a host interrupting the guests, asking long winded questions, showing off their own knowledge of the person they were being asked to interview, trying to trip the guest and put them in an embarrassing position in front of millions of people. It was rude and over bearing. My objective during the entire show was to give the invited guest due respect and listen to what they had to say says Hashmi elaborating on her different manner of conducting the program. More than 100 top achievers both men and women in the fields of Politics, Law, Arts, Poetry, Music, Science, Sport, Performance, Literature, Theater and other fields were interviewed on this series. It was telecast several times and at different times during the 24 hour transmission cycle. To date it is counted as one of the best professional and popular productions of PTV.

Taking this concept to a new dimension Moneeza Hashmi has selected 20 of the top prominent women in the series, translated their interviews and added short biographies of each. In addition she has penned her own impressions and memories of each personality, her reasons for selecting that particular person, what went on behind the scenes during the recording and much more. This keeps the readers interest focused on each page. It also gives a most interesting profile of each celebrity who may be strangers to some. This collection could be appropriately described as the first step in documenting the lives and work of leading Pakistani feminists in their own respective fields. Ms. Hashmi intends to bring out a sequel which will feature prominent men. The personalities included in this edition are; Benazir Bhutto (Politics) Zari Sarfaraz (Political Activist) Tahira Mazhar Ali Khan (Political Activist) Salima Hashmi (Fine Arts) Zehra Nigah (Poetry) Nasim Wali Khan (Politics) Dr.Fatima Shah (Social Work) Ruth Pfau (Social Work) Bano Qudsia (Literature) Bapsi Sidhwa (Literature) Fareeda Khanum (Music) Malika Pukhraj (Music) Shamim Ara (Film) Bahar Begum (Film) Sabiha Khanum (Film) Barbara Shareef (Film) Sabiha Khanum (Film) Swaranlata (Film) Viqar un Nissa Noon (Social Work) Biquis Edhi (Social Work)

Author Biography

Born in 1946 to Faiz Ahmad Faiz and Alys Faiz. Moneeza Hashmi had her schooling in Lahore from Kinnaird College and Punjab University before obtaining a Masters degree in Education from the University of Hawaii in 1981. Wearing several prominent and professional hats, she is presently into her second term as President of the Commonwealth Broadcasting Association, UK; is handling the international relations of HUM TV as General Manager, Pakistan; is Project Advisor to LightStorm Entertainment; and Trustee of Faiz Foundation Trust and Faiz Ghar. While her area of specialization lies in primary and elementary education, Moneeza Hashmi entered the world of television in 1967 as Assistant Producer of Pakistan Television (PTV) Lahore, and became a well known household name from the beginning. She retired in 2004 as Director Programmes, the first female to date to head this position. She also started a special television series from PTV Khawateen Time (Female Transmission) promoting awareness on gender, human rights, rights of minorities, reproductive health, education, economic empowerment of women, legal rights, and violence against women. Recipient of various National and International Awards, one of the most prestigious one that she received is the President of Pakistan’s Pride of Performance Award in 2002 for her contribution in portrayal of women on the electronic media of Pakistan. She lives in Lahore, Pakistan but travels frequently throughout the world in connection with her professional commitments and consultancies.

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