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134 Business A2 Level (Revision Notes)

  • Author: Kashif Aziz
  • Publisher: Read and Write Publications
  • Format: Paperback – 236 pages
  • Language: English


134 Business A2 Level (Revision Notes) by Kashif Aziz

This is a comprehensive and carefully balanced compilation of all the relevant topics that need to be essentially covered and understood by any A/A2 Level candidate who wishes to ace their Business As Level Revision Notes. We have managed to adopt a purely focused and goal oriented approach in this context that would enable students not only to grasp the content but also assist them in analyzing and evaluating individual components.

Table of Contents
  1. Unit-1 Business and its Environment
    1. Business As Level Revision Notes
    2. Enterprise
    3. Business Structure
      1. Local, National and Multinational Business
      2. Multinationals
      3. Privatization
    4. Size of Business
      1. External Growth
    5. Business Objectives
    6. Stakeholders in a Business
    7. External Influences On Business Activity
      1. Political and Legal
      2. Economic Constraints and Enablers
      3. Social
      4. Technological (Including the Internet)
      5. Other Businesses
      6. Demographic
      7. Environmental
  2. Unit-2 People in Organisations
    1. Management and Leadership
    2. Motivation
    3. Human Resource Management (HRM)
      1. Approaches to HRM
      2. Cooperation Between Management & Workforce
      3. Workforce Planning
      4. Role of Trade Unions in HRM
    4. Organisational Structure
      1. Relationship Between Business Objectives, People and Organizational Structure
      2. Types of Structure: Functional, Hierarchical (Flat and Narrow), Matrix
      3. Formal and Informal Organizations
      4. Delegation and Accountability
      5. Centralization
      6. Line and Staff
    5. Business Communication
      1. Purposes of Communication
      2. Methods of Communication
      3. Channels of Communication
      4. Barriers To Communication
      5. The Role of Management in Facilitating Communication
  3. Unit-3 Marketing (A Level)
    1. What Is Marketing?
    2. Market Research
    3. the Marketing Mix
    4. Marketing Planning
      1. Market Planning
      2. Elasticity
      3. Product Development
      4. Forecasting
    5. Globalisation and International Marketing
      1. Globalization
  4. Unit-4 Operations Management
    1. the Nature of Operations
    2. Operations Planning
      1. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
    3. Inventory Management
    4. Capacity Utilisation
      1. Outsourcing
    5. Lean Production and Quality Management
      1. Lean Production:
    6. Project Management
  5. Unit-5 Finance and Accounting (A Level)
    1. the Need For Business Finance
    2. Sources of Finance
    3. Costs
      1. Approaches To Costing: Full, Contribution
    4. Accounting Fundamentals
    5. Forecasting and Managing Cash Flows
    6. Budgets
    7. Contents of Published Accounts
      1. Inventory Valuation
      2. Depreciation
    8. Analysis of Published Accounts
    9. Investment Appraisal
  6. Unit-6 Strategic Management (A Level)
    1. What Is Strategic Management?
      1. SWOT Analysis
      2. Pest or External Environment Analysis
      3. Business Vision/Mission Statement and Objectives
      4. Boston Matrix
      5. Porter’s Five Forces
      6. Core Competencies
      7. Core Competencies and Strategy
    2. Strategic Choice
      1. the Ansoff Matrix
      2. Force Field Analysis
      3. Decision Trees
    3. Strategic Implementation
      1. Business Plan
      2. Corporate Culture and Strategic Implementation
      3. Developing a Change Culture
      4. Managing and Controlling Strategic Change
      5. Contingency Planning and Crisis Management

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