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Cambridge Checkpoint Maths Student’s Book 1

  • Authors: Ric Pimentel, Terry Wall
  • ISBN: 9781444143959
  • Publisher: Hodder Education
  • Edition: New
  • Format: Paperback – 224 pages
  • Language: English

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Endorsed by Cambridge Assessment International Education to support the full curriculum framework.

Progress your students’ understanding with accessible guidance on calculations and support for mental strategies.

Key Features
  • Help your students to apply Maths to real-life situations through a culturally varied range of examples and a focus on ICT, investigations and problem-solving.
  • Ensure the best support with a series that’s matched to the Cambridge Lower Secondary Maths curriculum framework
  • Prepare students ahead of the Cambridge Checkpoint Test
  • Cater for all students’ needs with a course written to ensure language is appropriate for students from around the world
Table of Contents
  1. Introduction
  2. SECTION 1
    1. Chapter 1: Place value, ordering and rounding
    2. Chapter 2: Expressions
    3. Chapter 3: Shapes and geometrical reasoning
    4. Chapter 4: Length, mass and capacity
    5. Chapter 5: Collecting and displaying data
    6. Chapter 6: Addition and subtraction
    7. Chapter 7: ICT, investigations and problem solving
    8. Review 1A
    9. Review 1B
  3. SECTION 2
    1. Chapter 8: Integers, powers and roots
    2. Chapter 9: Equations and simple functions
    3. Chapter 10: Measurement and construction
    4. Chapter 11: Time
    5. Chapter 12: Averages
    6. Chapter 13: Multiplication and division 1
    7. Chapter 14: ICT, investigations and problem solving
    8. Review 2A
    9. Review 2B
  4. SECTION 3
    1. Chapter 15: Fractions, decimals and percentages
    2. Chapter 16: Sequences
    3. Chapter 17: Angle properties
    4. Chapter 18: Area and perimeter of rectangles
    5. Chapter 19: Probability
    6. Chapter 20: Multiplication and division 2
    7. Chapter 21: ICT, investigations and problem solving
    8. Review 3A
    9. Review 3B
  5. SECTION 4
    1. Chapter 22: Ratio and proportion
    2. Chapter 23: Formulae and substitution
    3. Chapter 24: Coordinates
    4. Chapter 25: Cubes and cuboids
    5. Chapter 26: Experimental and theoretical probability
    6. Chapter 27: Division and fractions of a quantity
    7. Chapter 28: ICT, investigations and problem solving
    8. Review 4A
    9. Review 4B
Author Biography

Ric Pimentel and Terry Wall have extensive teaching experience and have been Heads of Department. In a thirty year teaching career Terry Wall has taught in Turkey and the USA. He ran training courses for teachers in England and abroad including courses for University of Cambridge International Examinations at the International Conference for Teachers held at Robinson College in Cambridge. Ric Pimentel was a teacher trainer specialising in IT applications for three years, and is currently teaching Mathematics in Cambridge. In addition to the first editions of Checkpoint Maths, other titles by these authors also endorsed by University of Cambridge International Examinations are IGCSE Mathematics (Extended Syllabus) and IGCSE Core Mathematics.

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