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Cambridge Primary English Learner’s Book 2

  • Author: Gill Bedgell, Kate Ruttle
  • ISBN: 9781107685123
  • Publisher: Cambridge University Press
  • Format: Paperback – 200 Pages
  • Language: English

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This colorful Learner’s Book includes the following features. Nine thematic units on exciting topics to engage young learners. Activities encouraging learners to actively explore, use and apply their core listening, speaking, reading and writing skills through individual, pair and group work. Lively international fiction, non-fiction and poetry texts which form the basis for teaching reading and writing skills. Language focus boxes throughout which help to teach and reinforce grammar points.

Key Features
  • Contains nine thematic units on exciting topics to engage young learners, following the Scheme of Work for the Stage.
  • Provides structured, cumulative lessons to cover all objectives in the Cambridge Primary English curriculum framework for the Stage.
  • Contains individual, paired and group activities which promote creativity and critical thinking, including songs and games, doing and making things, and problem-solving work.
  • Contains a carefully selected range of international fiction, non-fiction and poetry texts suited to the age and Stage of the learners.
  • Contains a Unit review at the end of each unit to revisit learning points and provide assessment opportunities.
  • Includes Spelling activities at the end of the book that can be used for separate or integrated spelling lessons. Icons in the nine units indicate opportunities to use the spelling activities within the main teaching sessions.
  • Includes a helpful reference section at the end of the book for learners to use. It contains tables, lists and reminders covering both language and literature work.
Table of Contents
  1. Introduction
  2. Unit 1. Stories about things we know
  3. Unit 2. How to write instructions
  4. Unit 3. Poems and rhymes about places and people we know
  5. Unit 4. Stories from around the world with a tale to tell
  6. Unit 5. What is my house made of?
  7. Unit 6. Poems by famous poets
  8. Unit 7. Stories by famous writers
  9. Unit 8. Things under the sea
  10. Unit 9. All kinds of creatures
  11. Spelling Activities: The alphabet
  12. Syllables
  13. Tips for spelling
  14. Long vowel sounds (1)
  15. Common words (1)
  16. Compound words
  17. Short vowel sounds
  18. Long vowel sounds (2)
  19. Common words (2)
  20. Prefixes
  21. Long vowel sounds (3)
  22. Long and short vowels
  23. Common words (3)
  24. Suffixes
  25. Review and reference: Common words
  26. Punctuation marks
  27. Capital letters
  28. Speech marks
  29. Sentences
  30. Tense
  31. Acknowledgements.
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