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Concepts in Strategic Management and Business Policy (15th Edition)

  • Authors: Thomas L. Wheelen, J. David Hunger
  • ISBN: 9789352861897
  • Publisher: Pearson Education
  • Edition: 15th
  • Publication Date: July 30, 2018
  • Format: Paperback – 440 pages
  • Language: English


Concepts in Strategic Management and Business Policy, 15e, has continued to develop around three key themes—globalization, innovation, and sustainability— which was introduced in the previous edition. In the current order of things around the world, these three strategic issues comprise the cornerstone all organizations must build upon to push their businesses forward.

In addition to this, the authors have taken a class-tested approach to strategy with new focus on environmental sustainability. This book contains a Strategic Management Model that runs through the first 12 chapters and is made operational through the Strategic Audit, a complete case analysis methodology. The Strategic Audit provides a professional framework for case analysis in terms of external and internal factors and takes the student through the generation of strategic alternatives and implementation programs.

Key Features
  • A new Chapter (9) on Global Strategy to address the key issues of entry, international coordination, stages of international development, international employment, and measurement of performance.
  • New and updated vignettes on sustainability (which is widely defined as business sustainability), globalization (which we view as an expectation of business), and innovation (which is the single most important element in achieving competitive advantage) appear in every chapter of the text.
  • Every example, chapter opening, and story along with chapter-end discussion questions have been updated.
    This includes chapter opening vignettes examining companies such as: Tesla, Pizza Hut, Bombardier, Wal*Mart, Caterpillar, and United Airlines among many others.
  • Some Indian cases and examples on companies like Amazon India, Satyam, Tata Group (including TCS and Tata Nano), Kingfisher, ITC, Amara Raja Group, Vodafone, Kingfisher, and Asian Paints have been added to bring the discussion a bit closer to home.
Table of Contents
  1. Part ONE Introduction to Strategic Management and Business Policy
    1. Chapter 1 Basic Concepts of Strategic Management
    2. Chapter 2 Corporate Governance
    3. Chapter 3 Social Responsibility and Ethics in Strategic Management
  2. Part TWO Scanning the Environment
    1. Chapter 4 Environmental Scanning and Industry Analysis
    2. Chapter 5 Organizational Analysis and Competitive Advantage
  3. Part THREE Strategy Formulation
    1. Chapter 6 Strategy Formulation: Business Strategy
    2. Chapter 7 Strategy Formulation: Corporate Strategy
    3. Chapter 8 Strategy Formulation: Functional Strategy and Strategic Choice
  4. Part FOUR Strategy Implementation and Control
    1. Chapter 9 Strategy Implementation: Global Strategy
    2. Chapter 10 Strategy Implementation: Organizing and Structure
    3. Chapter 11 Strategy Implementation: Staffing and Directing
    4. Chapter 12 Evaluation and Control
  5. Part FIVE Introduction to Case Analysis
    1. Chapter 13 Suggestions for Case Analysis
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