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Edexcel Computer Science for GCSE Student Book

  • Author: George Rouse, Steve Cushing, Sean O’Byrne
  • ISBN: 9781471866227
  • Publisher: Hodder Education
  • Publication Date: June 24, 2016
  • Format: Paperback – 320 pages
  • Language: English


Build student confidence and ensure successful progress through GCSE Computer Science. Our expert author provides insight and guidance to meet the demands of the new Edexcel specification, with challenging tasks and activities to test the computational skills and knowledge required completing the exams and the non-examined assessment.

Key Features
  • Builds students’ knowledge and confidence through detailed topic coverage and explanation of key points to match important Edexcel concepts
  • Develops computational thinking skills with practice exercises and problem-solving tasks
  • Ensures progression through GCSE with regular assessment questions, that can be developed with supporting Dynamic Learning digital resources
  • Instils a deeper understanding and awareness of computer science, and its applications and implications in the wider world
Table of Contents
  1. Computational thinking
  2. Using flowcharts
  3. Pseudo-code
  4. Mathematical skills in computer science
  5. Loops and mathematical operations
  6. Variables and constants
  7. Programming in code
  8. Iteration and selection
  9. Booleans and logic gates
  10. Structuring programs in a modular way
  11. Subroutines
  12. Testing your code
  13. Algorithm efficiency
  14. Comparing pseudo-code, flowcharts and code
  15. The language computers actually use
  16. Binary and hexadecimal numbers
  17. Computing and data representation
  18. Data types and structures
  19. Data structures
  20. Data and program validation and verification
  21. Data size, storage and compression
  22. Databases
  23. Reading and writing to a text file
  24. Encryption
  25. Search and sort algorithms
  26. The computer systems architecture
  27. Memory
  28. Secondary storage
  29. Cloud computing
  30. Fetch – decode – execute cycle
  31. Software
  32. Networks
  33. Network data transfer
  34. Personal vulnerabilities
  35. Social engineering and cyber-security
  36. Ethics and the law
  37. Embedded systems
  38. project
Author Description

Steve Cushing is a well-known and respected author, examiner and trainer.

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