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Biology Matters GCE O Level

  • Author: Lam Peng Kwan, Eric Y K Lam
  • ISBN: 9789813164444
  • Publisher: Marshall Cavendish Education
  • Format: Paperback
  • Language: English


Biology Matters 2nd Edition, covers the latest Cambridge GCE O Level Biology syllabus. This textbook has been updated to engage, enrich and inspire students’ interest and learning.


  • Learning is made easy and enjoyable: Infographics, flow charts and annotated diagrams are used to present concepts clearly to aid understanding and enrich learning.
  • Reinforces concepts and builds application skills: Numerous authentic examples and hands-on activities help to make learning relevant as well as strengthen conceptual understanding.
  • Hones higher-order thinking skills and prepares students for examination: Various examination-style and data-based questions allow students to apply their knowledge and have ample exam practice.
  • Develops 21st Century competencies: helps to cultivate important skills, such as, critical and inventive thinking, ICT skills and collaboration skills.
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