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Illustrated Textbook of Optics and Refractive Anomalies

  • Author: AK Jain
  • ISBN: 9789386478634
  • Publisher: CBS Publishers
  • Edition: 1st
  • Publication Date: October 30, 2018
  • Format: Paperback – 628 Pages
  • Language: English


Illustrated Textbook of Optics and Refractive Anomalies presents a comprehensive description of optics and refraction in relation to human eye and refractive errors in human eye.

Key Features
  • Informative illustrations explaining the text in relation to the optics and various refractive anomalies are the skeleton of this book.
  • Accurate and precise information about the topic make this book unique in the field of optics and refraction.
  • Basics of elementary optics and ocular optics are made easy by colorful representation.
  • The topic of refraction can be mastered by reading this book as the reader can understand and correct the most difficult type of refractive errors with ease.
  • Chapters on errors of accommodation and convergence are elaborated in lucid manner for better understanding of the readers.
  • Managing binocular muscular balance anomalies is also explained under refraction Readers will be in the zone of comfort to treat all types of refractive anomalies once they go through .
  • Art of optical correction of refractive errors can be mastered easily by reading the relevant chapters in .
  • Prescribing and fitting of contact lenses will be a lot easier for the readers, especially in difficult corneal ectatic conditions, once they go through the chapters on contact lenses.
  • Refractive surgical procedures are explained in an illustrative manner for comprehensive understanding of the facts.
  • Uniqueness of this book is in which most appropriate answers to various clinical problems are explained in a simple and lucid manner.


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