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Inspiring Science Level 7 Textbook (Pakistan Edition)


Based on the Latest National Curriculum of Pakistan 

  • Authors: Professor Pankaj Tyagi, Shobhita Johari, Parminder Chopra
  • ISBN: 9781107612679
  • Publisher: Cambridge University Press
  • Format: Paperback – 204 pages
  • Language: English


Inspiring Science is an eight –level series of science textbooks for school students. These books are based on the latest National Curriculum of Pakistan. The series has been developed and designed to present science as a living body of Knowledge where students are encouraged and guided to make exploratory forays into learning. These books comprehensively deal with elementary aspects of science in a graded manner and help to form fundamental knowledge of nature and the immediate environment of a child.

Key Features
  • Thematic approach makes it easy to understand learning concepts.
  • Activities are oriented in a graded manner that makes learning engaging.
  • Simple and clear style of presentation makes it easy to follow learning goals.
  • Now you know exercises check students comprehension.
  • Do you know sections provide interesting facts of science.
  • In-text Activities and Project sections foster skills of investigation and experimentation.
  • Points to Remember sections summarize key points and enables quick review.
  • New words sections provide definitions of difficult word or scientific terms.
  • Sections have been designed using Higher Order Thinking Skills(HOTS) questions and activities to encourage creative and analytical thinking.
  • Test papers are included and designed to help students for self-assessment.
  • The Teachers Manual include an overview of lessons and additional sample test papers.
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