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International Lower Secondary Science 3

  • Author: Ho Peck Leng
  • ISBN: 9789812808127
  • Publisher: Marshall Cavendish Education
  • Format: Paperback – 308 pages
  • Language: English

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The International Lower Secondary Science (ILSS) series is specially written to provide lower secondary science students with a solid foundation for learning science at a higher level.

This series is based on the UK National Curriculum and uses an inquiry, constructivist and interactive approach to help students acquire scientific concepts, skills and processes. Science concepts are explained through the use of everyday examples that are relevant to the students’ lives. Throughout the book, students will have opportunities to learn through hands-on activities and stimulating discussions with their peers.

Key Features
  • Full-colour illustrations and attractive photographs that are used throughout the book appeal to students as they guide students through their various scientific investigations.
  • Try It Out provides activities to help students develop and reinforce concepts, skills and processes. By carrying out these activities, students can understand and remember what they have learnt better!
  • Think About It encourages students to think deeply and critically. Students will develop essential thinking and process skills.
  • Science Tidbits provide interesting snippets of information that will definitely grab students’ attention.
  • Key Points provided at the end of each section summarises the essential concepts.
  • Review Questions at the end of each chapter provide formative assessment to help teachers evaluate students’ understanding of that chapter as well as help students to reinforce concepts that they have learnt.
  • Think-tank challenges students to think further and deeper into a topic. Students will develop higher order thinking skills by solving these challenging questions!
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