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Intikhab-e-Kalam: Shakaib Jalali

  • Author: Tanzeem-ul-Firdous
  • ISBN: 9780199407606
  • Publisher: Oxford University Press
  • Publication Date: 2017
  • Format: Paperback – 64 pages
  • Language: Urdu


This is a representative selection of Shakaib Jalali’s poetry. His style of writing ghazals is distinctive because of his unique diction. In his works, grief and sorrow are mixed with the feelings of rebellion and anxiety, further emphasizing the unique character of his ghazals. He also wrote poetry in other genres, such as nazams, rubaiyat, and qataat. This selection consists of his essential and best known poems.

Author Biography

Prof. Dr Tanzeem-ul-Firdous is distinctive among female Pakistani critics and researchers in Urdu literature, since there are few such who have been engaged in academic and research activities with consistency over such an extensive period. In addition to several published books, she has to her credit a large number of research papers and critical essays. Her assignment at Karachi University as professor and research supervisor to PhD students adds to her insight and acumen.

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