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Kitabi Book 3: Primary School Year 3 (Arabic)

  • Author: Attika A. Al-Saadi
  • ISBN: 9781908871312
  • Publisher: MM Books
  • Format: Paperback – 246 pages
  • Language: Arabic

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The series KITABI (MY BOOK), is a complete program for young learners (4-11 year old), or from reception to Year 6 primary school.

Key Features
  • Coverage of different topics in the student’s life Introducing narrative and conversation text, with progressively more complex structures Reading and learning more words and formulating simple, short sentences
  • The MAIN BOOK contains: Six units, using different teaching methods, applied in a progressive manner
  • Exercises that involve the four skills: reading, listening, speaking and writing
  • More and more writing and listening exercises as you advance through the series; Revision blocks, and end-of-term tests
  • Also included in this series, a handwriting book and grammar book
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