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Marketing Research: An Applied Orientation

  • Authors: Naresh K. Malhotra, Satyabhusan Das
  • ISBN: 9789353433291
  • Publisher: Pearson Education
  • Edition: 7th
  • Publication Date: March 25, 2019
  • Format: Paperback – 955 pages
  • Language: English


With a complete theoretical framework, Marketing Research, 7e is a text with a comprehensive and balanced coverage of both qualitative and quantitative material. It takes the perspective of a marketing research user and reflects current trends in international marketing research, social media, mobile marketing research, ethics etc. The book has a unique applied and managerial orientation, illustrating the interaction between marketing research decisions and marketing management decisions.

Key Features
  • Chapter 5 features a new case study exploring the reasons behind a brand losing its essence among consumers post-migration.
  • Chapter 20 includes a new research titled Segmentation of Online Usages Behavior. It takes the example of an Indian company and shows how segmentation analysis has helped them understand their audience better and cater to specific needs by coming up with customized offerings and services
  • Chapter 21 carries a new research under the heading “Understanding What Activities Are Preferred Online Across Age Groups’. The findings shed light on why marketers must focus on a specific set of activities for different age label while promoting their campaigns in order to make the most profit for their organization
  • A new comprehensive case study with real data containing real questionnaires and data sets. The new case study is Case 4.3: Brand Q Looks at the Future.
Table of Contents
  1. PART 1 Introduction and Early Phases of Marketing Research
    1. Chapter 1 Introduction to Marketing Research
    2. Chapter 2 Defining the Marketing Research Problem and Developing an Approach
  2. PART 2 Research Design Formulation 
    1. Chapter 3 Research Design
    2. Chapter 4 Exploratory Research Design: Secondary and Syndicated Data
    3. Chapter 5 Exploratory Research Design: Qualitative Research
    4. Chapter 6 Descriptive Research Design: Survey and Observation
    5. Chapter 7 Causal Research Design: Experimentation
    6. Chapter 8 Measurement and Scaling: Fundamentals and Comparative Scaling
    7. Chapter 9 Measurement and Scaling: Noncomparative Scaling Techniques
    8. Chapter 10 Questionnaire and Form Design
    9. Chapter 11 Sampling: Design and Procedures
    10. Chapter 12 Sampling: Final and Initial Sample Size Determination
  3. PART 3 Data Collection, Preparation, Analysis, and Reporting
    1. Chapter 13 Fieldwork
    2. Chapter 14 Data Preparation
    3. Chapter 15 Frequency Distribution, Cross-Tabulation, and Hypothesis Testing
    4. Chapter 16 Analysis of Variance and Covariance
    5. Chapter 17 Correlation and Regression
    6. Chapter 18 Discriminant and Logit Analysis
    7. Chapter 19 Factor Analysis
    8. Chapter 20 Cluster Analysis
    9. Chapter 21 Multidimensional Scaling and Conjoint Analysis
    10. Chapter 22 Structural Equation Modeling and Path Analysis
    11. Chapter 23 Report Preparation and Presentation
  4. CASES Running Case with Real Data
    1. Case 1.1 HP: Using Marketing Research to Gain a Competitive Edge Comprehensive Critical Thinking Cases
    2. Case 2.1 Baskin-Robbins: Can It Bask in the Good ?Ole Days?
    3. Case 2.2 Kid Stuff? Determining the Best Positioning Strategy for Akron Children’s Hospital Data Analysis Cases with Real Data
    4. Case 3.1 AT&T Wireless: Ma Bell Becomes Ma Again
    5. Case 3.2 IBM: A Top Provider of Computer Hardware, Software, and Services
    6. Case 3.3 Kimberly-Clark: Competing Through Innovation
    7. Case 3.4 Teenage Shopping Behavior for Clothing Products: A Comparison of Attitude Toward Local versus Foreign Brand
    8. Case 3.5 Antecedents of Trust in Online Shopping: A Study in the Indian Context
    9. Case 3.6 Conjoint-Based Preferential Segmentation in the Design of New Insurance Product: Results from Conjoint, Cluster, ANOVA, and Cross-Tabulation Analysis
    10. Case 3.7 Cooperation Relationship Commitment Link in International Commercial Banking Relationships: The Mediating Role of Trust and Moderating Role of Power Distance
    11. Case 3.8 Antecedents and Consequences of Trust in B2C Online Shopping in the Indian Context: Results from Structural Equation Modeling Analysis Using AMOS
    12. Case 3.9 An effective Website Design and Purchase Intention: Results from Structural Equation Modeling Analysis using Smart PLS Comprehensive Cases with Real Data
    13. Case 4.1 JPMorgan Chase: Chasing Growth Through Mergers and Acquisitions
    14. Case 4.2 Wendy’s: History and Life After Dave Thomas
    15. Case 4.3 Brand Q Looks at the Future Comprehensive Harvard Business School Cases
    16. Case 5.1 The Harvard Graduate Student Housing Survey
    17. Case 5.2 BizRate.Com
    18. Case 5.3 Cola Wars Continue: Coke and Pepsi in the Twenty-First Century
    19. Case 5.4 TiVo in 2002
    20. Case 5.5 Compaq Computer: Intel Inside?
    21. Case 5.6 The New Beetle
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