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Moffet’s Pediatric Infectious Diseases: A Problem-Oriented Approach

  • Authors: Randall G Fisher, Thomas G. Boyce, Armando G Correa
  • ISBN: 9781496305541
  • Publisher: Wolters Kluwer Publishing
  • Edition: 5th
  • Publication Date: March 9, 2017
  • Format: Paperback – 728 pages
  • Language: English


Staying true to the unique, problem-oriented approach of Dr. Hugh Moffet’s previous editions, the fifth edition of Moffet’s Pediatric Infectious Diseases walks the reader step by step through diagnosis and management using a signs and symptoms approach. This patient-oriented structure leads to a logical development of a differential diagnosis and evaluation and treatment plan, offering clear steps to confirm the diagnosis and provide appropriate therapy.

Key Features
  • A patient-focused, problem-oriented approach helps you develop the thought process that leads to more accurate diagnoses and better patient care – no matter how complex the patient presentation.
  • Greatly revised content throughout, including new medications, new names of known pathogens, new practice guidelines, and extensive revisions to chapters on urinary syndromes, hepatitis syndromes, and HIV infection and AIDS.
  • Newly streamlined format features the most notable suggested readings, more boxes and tables, new clinical pearls, and new key points that summarize must-know information in each chapter.
  • New two-color design and updated and expanded illustrations bring the text visually up to date and facilitate faster and easier mastery of the material.
  • An experienced author team now includes Dr. Armando Correa, a pediatric infectious diseases physician who practices general pediatrics.

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Table of Contents
  1. Chapter 1 Clinical Decision Making In Pediatric Infectious Diseases
  2. Chapter 2 Nose and Throat Syndromes
  3. Chapter 3 Infectious Mononucleosis and Mononucucleosis-Like Syndromes
  4. Chapter 4 Oral Cavity and Salivary Gland Syndromes
  5. Chapter 5 Eye, Ear and Sinus
  6. Chapter 6 Face and Neck Syndromes
  7. Chapter 7 Middle Respiratory Syndromes
  8. Chapter 8 Pneumonia Syndromes
  9. Chapter 9 Neurologic
  10. Chapter 10 Fever and Sepsis Syndromes
  11. Chapter 11 Rash Syndromes
  12. Chapter 12 Gastrointestinal and Intra-Abdominal Syndromes
  13. Chapter 13 Hepatitis Syndromes
  14. Chapter 14 Urinary Syndromes
  15. Chapter 15 Genital Syndromes
  16. Chapter 16 Orthopedic Syndromes
  17. Chapter 17 Skin
  18. Chapter 18 Cardiovascular Syndromes
  19. Chapter 19 Congenital, Perinatal, and Neonatal Syndromes
  20. Chapter 20 HIV Infection and Aids
  21. Chapter 21 Exposure Problems
  22. Chapter 22 Infections Complicating Chronic Diseases
  23. Chapter 23 The Child with Frequent, Severe, Or Unusual Infections: Primary Immunodeficiency Syndromes
Authors Biography

Randall G Fisher MD

Associate Professor of Pediatrics
Eastern Virginia School of Medicine
Director, Pediatric Infectious Diseases Division
Children’s Specialty Group, PLLC
Children’s Hospital of King’s Daughters
Norfolk, Virginia

Armando G Correa MD

Assistant Professor
Department of Pediatrics
Section of Academic General Pediatrics
Baylor College of Medicine
Houston, Texas

Thomas G. Boyce MD, MPH

Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Mayo Clinic College of Medicine; Division of Pediatric Infectious Diseases, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN

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