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Oxford Urdu Silsila Level 1 Workbook: Takiyon ki Jung

  • Author: Unsia Bano, Amina Azfar
  • ISBN: 9780195775259
  • Publisher: Oxford University Press
  • Format: Paperback
  • Language: Urdu

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A complete program for teaching Urdu, this series provides plenty of reading material in its readers, and a good deal of writing practice through exercises and workbooks. It is a course that aims to interest students in reading Urdu and use it confidently to discuss episodes of everyday life or issues of universal concern. A special aim of this course is to encourage creativity and analytical thought.

The course for primary classes has been revised.

Carefully graded concepts and imaginative texts, which are the hallmark of the readers in this series, have been enhanced with comprehensive exercises after each lesson, focusing on comprehension and grammar. Stimulating activities for group and individual work are offered, encouraging analytical thought and proficiency in language communication. More lessons have been added wherever needed.

Another feature of the revised edition is that comprehensive notes for teachers have been added at the end of each textbook.

These include
  • Guidelines for teaching the course
  • Interesting additional information for teachers and pupils
  • Language games

The Workbooks have been altered to correspond with the revised textbooks.

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