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Pakistan: Geography, Economy, and People (4th Edition)

  • Author: Fazal Karim Khan
  • ISBN: 9780199063925
  • Publisher: Oxford University Press
  • Format: Paperback
  • Language: English

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The new edition of this classic textbook is an extensive study of the environment, geography, people, and economy of Pakistan. This book has been fully updated and rewritten to specifically match the latest 2015/2016 syllabus for the O Level Pakistan Studies Paper 2059/2 and IGCSE® syllabus 0448/02, The Environment of Pakistan.

Special features of the Fourth Edition
  • Full colour photographs and diagrams which help clarify difficult concepts
  • Full colour, updated maps illustrating various aspects of Pakistan’s geography, including topic maps on climate, agriculture, etc.
  • Detailed studies of various aspects of Pakistan’s economy, including mineral and power resources, industries, and transportation
  • Units on location, provinces and cities of Pakistan, agricultural systems, industrial raw materials, and telecommunication, further enriched with latest data
  • Exercises at the end of each unit containing maps, graphs, and sample examination questions
  • A glossary of local terms
  • A detailed main glossary of geographical terms
  • An index

The attractive new layout and special features will make the use of this book essential for all students preparing for their O Level Pakistan Studies Paper 2 examination.

Pakistan: Geography, Economy, and People is equally useful and of interest for the general reader.

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