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Practical Transfusion Medicine (5th Edition)

  • Edited By: Michael F. Murphy, David J. Roberts, Mark H. Yazer
  • ISBN: 9781119129417
  • Publisher: Wiley Publishing
  • Edition: 5th
  • Publication Date: May 8, 2017
  • Format: Hardback – 608 pages
  • Language: English


The fifth edition of this practical textbook on transfusion medicine has been thoroughly revised with the latest in scientific and technological developments and edited by a leading team of international expert haematologists, including new co-editor Mark H. Yazer MD.

Key Features
  • A succinct and user-friendly resource of transfusion medicine for clinicians, scientists and trainees with key points, charts and algorithms
  • Discusses practice in blood centres and hospitals including regulatory aspects, transfusion safety, production and storage, donor care, and blood transfusion in a global context
  • Coverage of cellular and tissue therapies and organ transplantation including stem cell collection and haematopoietic stem cell processing and storage
  • Review of the development of the evidence-base for transfusion medicine
  • Content on the clinical practice for transfusion and alternatives to transfusion
Table of Contents
  1. List of Contributors ix
  2. Preface xv
  3. Introduction: Two Centuries of Progress in Transfusion Medicine 1 – Walter H. (Sunny) Dzik and Michael F. Murphy
  4. Part I Basic Principles of Immunohaematology 11
    1. Essential Immunology for Transfusion Medicine 11 – Jaap Jan Zwaginga and S. Marieke van Ham
    2. Human Blood Group Systems 20 – Geoff Daniels
    3. Human Leucocyte Antigens 29 – Cristina V. Navarrete and Colin J. Brown
    4. Platelet and Neutrophil Antigens 43 – Brian R. Curtis
    5. Pretransfusion Testing and the Selection of Red Cell Products for Transfusion 58 – Mark H. Yazer and Meghan Delaney
  5. Part II Complications of Transfusions 69
    1. Investigation of Acute Transfusion Reactions 69 – Kathryn E. Webert and Nancy M. Heddle
    2. Haemolytic Transfusion Reactions 81 – Edwin J. Massey, Robertson D. Davenport and Richard M. Kaufman
    3. Febrile and Allergic Transfusion Reactions 97 – Mark K. Fung and Nancy M. Heddle
    4. Lung Injury and Pulmonary Oedema After Transfusion 108 – Steven H. Kleinman and Daryl J. Kor
    5. Purported Adverse Effects of ‘Old Blood’ 118 – Lirong Qu and Darrell J. Triulzi
    6. Transfusion Induced Immunomodulation 125 – Amy E. Schmidt, Majed A. Refaai, Joanna M. Heal and Neil Blumberg
    7. Transfusion Associated Graft Versus]Host Disease and Microchimerism 136 – Beth H. Shaz, Richard O. Francis and Christopher D. Hillyer
    8. Posttransfusion Purpura 147 – Michael F. Murphy
    9. Transfusion Transmitted Infections 153 – Roger Y. Dodd and Susan L. Stramer
    10. 16 Bacterial Contamination 168 – Sandra Ramírez]Arcos and Mindy Goldman
    11. 17 Emerging Infections and Transfusion Safety 176 – Roger Y. Dodd
  6. Part III Practice in Blood Centres and Hospitals 184
    1. Regulatory Aspects of Blood Transfusion 184 – William G. Murphy, Louis M. Katz and Peter Flanagan
    2. The Role of Haemovigilance in Transfusion Safety 193 – Katharine A. Downes and Barbee I. Whitaker
    3. Donors and Blood Collection 203 – Marc Germain, Ellen McSweeney and William G. Murphy
    4. Blood Donation Testing and the Safety of the Blood Supply 215 – Mindy Goldman
    5. Production and Storage of Blood Components 222 – Marissa Li, Rebecca Cardigan, Stephen Thomas and Ralph Vassallo
    6. Blood Transfusion in Hospitals 233 – Erica M. Wood, Mark H. Yazer and Michael F. Murphy
    7. Blood Transfusion in a Global Context 254 – David J. Roberts, Alan D. Kitchen, Stephen P. Field, Imelda Bates, Jean Pierre Allain and Meghan Delaney
  7. Part IV Clinical Transfusion Practice 264
    1. Inherited and Acquired Coagulation Disorders 264 – Irina Chibisov and Franklin Bontempo
    2. Massive Blood Loss 279 – John R. Hess
    3. Blood Management in Acute Haemorrhage and Critical Care 287 – Gavin J. Murphy, Nicola Curry, Nishith N. Patel and Timothy S. Walsh
    4. Point of Care Testing in Transfusion Medicine 302 – Matthew D. Neal and Louis H. Alarcon
    5. Haematological Disease 312 – Lise J. Estcourt, Simon J. Stanworth and Michael F. Murphy
    6. Blood Transfusion in the Management of Patients with Haemoglobinopathies 330 – Enrico M. Novelli
    7. Heparin Induced Thrombocytopenia 341 – Andreas Greinacher and Theodore E. Warkentin
    8. Immunodeficiency and Immunoglobulin Therapy 357 – Siraj A. Misbah
    9. Transfusing Neonates and Infants 371 – Ronald G. Strauss
  8. Part V Patient Blood Management 383
    1. Development of a Patient Blood Management Programme 383 – Jonathan H. Waters
    2. Perioperative Patient Blood Management 393 – Martin Rooms, Ravishankar Rao Baikady and Toby Richards
    3. Restrictive Transfusion Practice and How to Implement It 405 – Lawrence Tim Goodnough and Neil Shah
    4. Using Data to Support Patient Blood Management 416 – Steven M. Frank and Jack O. Wasey
  9. Part VI Cellular and Tissue Therapy and Organ Transplantation 429
    1. Regulation and Accreditation in Cellular Therapy 429 – Zbigniew (Ziggy) M. Szczepiorkowski and Daniel Hollyman
    2. Stem Cell Collection and Therapeutic Apheresis 442 – Khaled El]Ghariani and Zbigniew (Ziggy) M. Szczepiorkowski
    3. Haemopoietic Stem Cell Processing and Storage 455 – Hira Mian, Ronan Foley and Pamela O’Hoski
    4. Haematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation 466 – Robert D. Danby, Rachel Protheroe and David J. Roberts
    5. Cord Blood Transplantation 477 – Rachael Hough and Robert D. Danby
    6. Recent Advances in Clinical Cellular Immunotherapy 490 – Mark W. Lowdell and Emma Morris
    7. Tissue Banking 500 – Akila Chandrasekar, Paul Rooney and John N. Kearney
  10. Part VII Development of the Evidence Base for Transfusion 508
    1. Observational and Interventional Trials in Transfusion Medicine 508 – Alan T. Tinmouth, Dean Fergusson and Paul C. Hébert
    2. Getting the Most Out of the Evidence for Transfusion Medicine 520 – Simon J. Stanworth, Susan J. Brunskill, Carolyn Dorée and Sally Hopewell
    3. A Primer on Biostatistics 533 – Andrew W. Shih and Nancy M. Heddle
    4. A Primer on Health Economics 549 – Seema Kacker and Aaron A. R. Tobian
    5. Scanning the Future of Transfusion Medicine 560 – Jay E. Menitove, Paul M. Ness and Edward L. Snyder
  11. Index 572
Editors Biography

MICHAEL F. MURPHY, Professor of Blood Transfusion Medicine, University of Oxford, UK

DAVID J. ROBERTS, Professor of Haematology, University of Oxford, UK

MARK H. YAZER, Professor of Pathology, University of Pittsburgh, USA; Adjunct Professor of Clinical Immunology, University of Southern Denmark, Denmark

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