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The Enchanted Castle

  • Author: Edith Nesbit
  • ISBN: 9789699903564
  • Publisher: Ilqa Publications
  • Format: Paperback – 280 pages
  • Language: English


Jerry, Jimmy and Kathleen never imagined that they’d be spending their summer vacation at a school. But now that they are, they wish it to be fun. When they blunder upon a castle, they wish it were enchanted. They believe so in earnest when they rouse a princess from a hundred-year sleep. But are they disappointed when they find out that she is fake? Not a whit! They wish so even more strongly. When Mable, the fake princess, helps them find a magical ring, it is a dream come true for the children — or is it? It may just be their worst nightmare, unfolding little by little!

Author Biography

E. Nesbit (Edith Nesbit) was an English writer who lived from 1858 to 1924. Although she wrote for adults too, her fame chiefly rests upon the fictional and poetic works she penned down for children. She wrote as many as 40 children books including novels, short stories and picture books of which many are still extremely popular. Her famous works include The Enchanted Castle, The Railway Children, Five Children and It etc.


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