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The Unofficial Guide to Paediatrics


Core Paediatric Curriculum, OSCE, Clinical Examination and Practical Skills, 60+ Clinical Cases with 200+ MCQS to Test Yourself, 1000+ High Definition Colour Clinical Photographs and Illustrations: Unofficial Guide to Medicine Part 1: Core Paediatric Curriculum Covered: 300 Multiple Choice Questions with Detailed Explanations and Key Subject Summaries

  • Edited By: Zeshan Qureshi
  • ISBN: 9780957149953
  • Publisher: Zeeshan Qureshi
  • Edition: 1st
  • Publication Date: March 21, 2017
  • Format: Paperback – 700 pages
  • Language: English

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The Unofficial Guide to Paediatrics is unique in that it is the only textbook that covers core subject summaries, examination practice, practical skills, career opportunities and clinical cases all in one place. It does this through 1000+ colour images and illustrations, 200+ multiple choice questions, and 60+ real life clinical cases to bring paediatrics to life. The contributors range from Professors of Paediatrics, to medical students, to teachers, nurses, and midwives, meaning the book has influences from a truly multidisciplinary team at all stages of training.

Almost every doctor will encounter children in their career; of course, this goes without saying for paediatricians, and in primary care approximately 25% of consultations involve children. Many other specialities encompass paediatric patients including general surgery, ENT and emergency medicine. Therefore, it is vital that all medical students and junior doctors have a core grounding in the fundamentals of paediatrics.

This book is primarily aimed at medical students, covering a wide range of common and important paediatric pathologies (in line with the national Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health undergraduate curriculum). The unique collection of core clinical content, practical skills, clinical cases and examination skills in the book is equally valuable for junior doctors and paediatric trainees. Nurses, advanced nurse practitioners, physician associates and allied healthcare professionals will also find the content and approach useful.

The relevance of this book extends from undergraduate teaching to postgraduate education and as a day-to-day reference for healthcare professionals.

Key Features

Written in line with the other books in the series, stations contain:

  • Core chapter summaries written using the latest guidelines, using a clinically relevant format for maximum knowledge and minimum waffle
  • Single best answer, true or false and extended matching questions to enable you to really test your knowledge.
  • Over 300 questions and fully explained answers with key points and compact learning summaries.
  • High quality colour images and illustrations throughout the book to present key concepts and anatomy
Core Topics

24 fully illustrated chapters cover the core fundamental knowledge base of paediatrics, in line with the national RCPCH curriculum. Each disease uses a common framework; definition, aetiology and clinical features, and progresses through investigations, differential diagnoses, management, complications, and finally prognosis.

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