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Urdu Reading Scheme: Barish

  • Author: Fozia Ahsan Farooqui
  • ISBN: 9780199061631
  • Publisher: Oxford University Press
  • Readership: For Ages 2.5 to 14 Years
  • Format: Paperback
  • Language: Urdu

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Tohfa (Pre-Nursery), Ghubaray (Nursery), Taray (Kindergarten), Phool (Class 1) and Kiran (Class 2) have been developed to support the Urdu ka Guldasta series at the Pre-Primary, Nursery, and Kindergarten level. Designed to enhance interest in reading, these books use graded vocabulary, picture stories, poems, and activities that encourage analysis, comparison, and critical thinking in students from an early age.

Most Urdu textbooks are written in a conventional style, with the result that children are gradually losing interest in the subject. To mitigate this trend, a bouquet of colourful and fragrant blossoms has been gathered from the vast territories of Urdu and is being presented here.

Urdu ka Guldasta is a series of colourful and stimulating textbooks for classes Pre-Primary to 8. In this series, phonics and other methodologies that develop language skills effectively, as well as lessons based on imaginative new themes, enhance children’s proficiency. Each book in the series contains a Teaching Guide and a complete schedule of curricular objectives which will allow the teacher to understand the series and help to explain it to her/his pupils.

The textbooks and teaching guides for pre-primary to level 5 were revised earlier. Revision of textbooks and teaching guides for the secondary levels (classes 6-8) has also been completed. The main features of the revised edition are as follows:

  • Content increased in both the poetry and prose sections thus exposing students to a variety of literary works
  • Topics are based on the requirements of the Secondary Board and O Level curricula
  • Information about every writer and poet has been included
  • Additional words included in the vocabulary
  • Introduction of a wide range of genres
  • Extensive exercises based on Bloom’s Taxonomy
  • Practice in language skills through activities in story, essay, and letter writing

The Urdu ka Guldasta Teaching Guides Pre-Primary 1-8 with lesson plans (Revised edition) features:

  • The Teaching Guide for the Pre-primary level contains lesson plans for textbooks as well as supplementary readers including Tohfa, Ghubaray, Taray, Qaida Parhiay aur Seekhiay (Part 1) Urdu Khushkhati Silsila (Pre-Primary to part 2).
  • Lesson planning has been done in an effective manner
  • Helpful hints and samples for reference material and audio visual aids have been provided
  • Tips for additional exercises and activities are given
  • Useful guidelines for mastering the subject and improving teaching skills
  • Opportunities for cooperative learning provided in the Teaching Guides
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