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White Fang

  • Author: Jack London
  • ISBN: 9789699903526
  • Publisher: Ilqa Publications
  • Format: Paperback – 270 pages
  • Language: English


‘Fear urged him to go back, but growth drove him on…’

Set in the frozen forests of the Yukon Territory, Canada, during the Klondike Gold Rush of the 1890s, ‘White Fang’ tells the story of a young wolf-dog’s journey from the wild into human territory. As White Fang learns that civilisation is every bit as vicious and violent as nature – and that survival is only awarded to the fittest – we too see how instinct, sensation and emotion drive every one of us.

Author Biography

Jack London (1876-1916) was an American writer. He wrote prolifically during his short life amassing an extensive collection of fiction, poetry, memoirs, essays and plays. The Call of the Wild and White Fang remain his most popular fictional works today.


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