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World Watch Geography Skills Book 1

  • Author: Christine Moorcroft, Nicolas Brasch, and Carmel Reilly
  • ISBN: 9780199403318
  • Publisher: Oxford University Press
  • Format: Paperback
  • Language: English


Developed along the guidelines of the UK National Curriculum, World Watch Geography is an extension of World Watch Social Studies to the lower secondary level. It builds on student’s experience from earlier work in geography by introducing higher level geographical skills. It presents a student-friendly approach with a conversational tone to engage their interest. Digital resource in the form of My E-mate companion website, along with skills books for students and teacher’s guides make World Watch Geography a comprehensive course.

Key features of the series

• develops locational knowledge and spatial understanding of the continents, through the use of maps of the world
• develops an understanding of geographical similarities and differences through the study of human and physical geography of regions within different continents
• builds on students’ knowledge of globes, atlases, and different kinds of maps and uses them routinely in the classroom and in any field study
• develops an understanding of the key processes in physical geography: geological timescales and plate tectonics; rocks, weathering and soils; weather and climate, including the change in climate from the Ice Age to the present; glaciation, hydrology, and coasts
• develops an understanding of the key processes of human geography relating to population, international development, economic activity, and the use of natural resources
• encourages students to use higher-order thinking skills
• each book illustrated with relevant photographs, drawings, charts, and maps
• includes ‘Fact files’ that give interesting and important facts about the topic; questions and discussion points consolidate learning; each unit ends with a test on key points
• each book accompanied by a skills book which reinforces learning through various activities
• comprehensive teaching guides a valuable resource for the teacher in the form of further explanation, additional activities, and lesson plans

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